Page Poetry

The division between page poetry and performance poetry is a bit of an artificial dichotomy – there are poems I wrote as “performance pieces” which have died before every audience I have inflicted them on, while I have won slams with some of my “page poems”.

I’ve included poems on this page, if (a) they’re too short to use for a slam (b) they really don’t work in performance, and/or (c) they’ve been published in a journal.

Some of the links below are to the online journals Clear PoetryInk, Sweat and Tears, Message In A Bottle , Snakeskin, Amaryllis  and YourOnePhoneCall, which have been kind enough to publish my work. I’ve had others published in print journals which are not available online.

Manilla, Kissing With Tongues and Fused


Dressing Up

The Butter Paper

Carnival King





Kiss, Bad Company and Sleeping Beauty


Overwhelming Catastrophic Dread

Light, Genealogy and Tragedy


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