Light Verse

I used to write a lot of light verse. I don’t really do much of it any more – as I got more successful with the free verse and slam poetry, I found I was juggling too many balls and one of them had to drop.

I am, however, still very proud of the work I’ve done in that genre. I know that light verse has fallen out of vogue, but it annoys me that the genre as a whole is widely perceived as amateurish, embarrassing and entirely lacking in artistic merit. Yes, we’ve probably all come across people who write “funny poems” which don’t scan, are packed with forced rhymes and cliché and aren’t remotely funny, at all, but not all light verse can be crammed into the same bag. Using scansion and rhyme effectively are skills which, in my view, deserve more credit.

I’ve linked to some of my light verse below. If people like this stuff, I would draw their attention to the Flash 500 and Wergle Flomp humorous verse contests, the Spectator literary competition and the online journals Light and Lighten Up Online, which are keeping the flame of traditional, formal light verse alive.

A Few Beers With The Bard

Escape To The Country

Je M’Appelle Pam. Non. Merci.

Literally Minded

Pick Any Word At Random

A Plea To Seamus Heaney

The Man In The Grip Of A Bad Midlife Crisis

The Mane Problem In Politics

A Larkin pastiche


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